Don’t Step Over! Step Into!

OK so Visual Studio SP11 made me very very angry. Apparently they think the default debugging behavior should step over properties and methods calls even if you you tell the debugger to step into a property or method call! I spent about 20 mins trying to figure this out yesterday. Service Pack 1 you owe me 20 mins with interest! Anyway if anyone else is having issues with this here is the fix.

Tools -> Options -> Debugging -> General

I hate you SP1!

I hate you SP1!

Notice the option ‘Step over properties and operators(Managed Only) SP1 checks this by default! Uncheck this and debugging will start stepping into things like it should when asked!

Serenity Now!!!

One thought on “Don’t Step Over! Step Into!

  1. Parthasarathy says:

    thanks a lot, Pal. I was also searching the web for turning the debugging option of stepping into properties and methods in Managed code, ON.


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