Tech Masters After Dark 2013

Its that time of year again. Time for our first TechMasters after dark event of 2013. If you have ever been curious, or interested in what TechMasters is all about, this is a great chance to learn more.

TechMasters is truly a wonderful group. I can say without a doubt, that joining the group is one of the best things I have done for my career. Communication skills, listening skills, and being able to present a topic, be it at the dinner table, or in a meeting, are skills that are paramount to our success in both our work lives and personal lives.  So if you are like I was 3 years ago sitting behind a keyboard banging out code for 12 hours a day, never really getting a chance to polish your communication skills TechMasters is the place that can help.

This TechMasters after dark event features a presentation from Mike Benkovich of fame. And he will be telling all of us about ‘Speaking at Conferences’. Mikes is a seasoned speaker and has a lot of practical insight to share. Its free to go, to learn more see the link below.

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