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GhostDoc Ate My KeyBinding!

Loaded up Visual Studio today and sure enough good old ctrl+shift+D did not work. It was very sad. In case you find yourself with the same problem follow these steps to get it back!

Tools -> Options -> Environment-> Keyboard see below

Clearly named "Weigelt.GhostDoc.AddIn.DocumentThis"

Hope this saves you a few mins!

Screen Captures

I am not the kind of developer who knows all of the great little tools to do everything. I generally get by with the most commonly used tools and utilities that everyone knows and loves. However as I find myself doing more and more documentation, blogging and the like. I find many gaps in my current tool set. Just last night I was looking for a good easy to use screen capture utility that would cost me nothing. What I ended up finding is a very handy little tool called Cropper Capture. This a great tool and look forward to the new weapon in my arsenal of utilities.